Women belong in the kitchen

Alaina Messineo

"Women belong in the kitchen" satirizes women role's within popular culture and heteronormativity. Inspired by the social construct of religion and its ability to plant women as means to be controlled.

Time: When it all began
Setting: An office
Characters: Man 1, Man 2
Notes on production: Pacing should be fast. The play should have a moving heartbeat.
Notations: A { } around text signifies concurrent speech between characters

Make it mandatory

Everyone will love it

Well yes maybe
A little
Just a little

I think they will like it
I really do
It's something for them to

Look forward to
Something they all will look forward too
This is something everyone will look forward to

Better phrasing I agree

Well I think it will catch on

It will enlist a sense of pride

But I don't

Yes but

You see

I don't see where you


I certainly hope not
This is how you prevent a rebellion
You give them opportunity
A chance
A taste

Make them think they are valued

That they are
They are

Doing something right
{Something for themselves}

For their children
For their husbands
For society
{Give them a part}

Make them think they have a vote

Make them have reason

Make it sacred
It must be sacred

Who said

I said

Yes sir

Yes sir I do
I do not believe
You are correct
That's what your thinking

I didn't say

Women should be left in doors
At all times
Honestly they should be supervised
At all times all hours
They cannot be trusted

That part you made up a few
Years ago
About them

Yes the one we all voted oh it yes it

Rewrote the books
Rewrote the text
Rewrote the the

The phrasing

What was it again
Ah yes
That's it
Something like

“Women are honored and favored so they shouldspend their time inside the house”

That’s it
That's it

So ya if you notice she keeps putting out and
wants to fuck you more
because she wants to get pregnant
because she wants go outside
Then that's fine
Take the kids out
The park
Birthday parties
Whatever the fuck

We are helping herHelping her

At least she won't struggle anymore

At least it's her asking for it

So we don't look like the enemy

After all
We are only human
And all humans really want is to

Her brain
Her brain will be


In a way in which

It's just genius I tell you
Pure genius
You see
As you said yourself

Causes chaos


Causes strife

Like a fire

Like a Fire

We have to give meaning

Give purpose

Help put those creative minds at rest
Because if we don't

If we don't
{This whole thing willBurn }


Alaina Messineo
Alaina Messineo is a NYC-based playwright and director and is currently a junior at Marymount Manhattan College with a double concentration in Writing for the Stage and Directing. Recent playwriting credits include Jesus stole my birth control and The Microwave Play at Secret Theatre’s Act One: One Act Festival this past winter in Queens.  Additional credits include She be Courageous at Marymount’s Stand Up Speak Out Festival, Two Hearts at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, and Bad Beans at Geva Theatre. Recent directing credits include Late: A Cowboy Song by Sarah Ruhl at the Bordeaux Black Box and  Carrier Pigeon by Skylar Beirne at Theatre for the New City’s Dream Up Festival this past summer.

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff