Tunnel Vision

By Emily Roche

My submission is an autobiographic dance performance entitled “Tunnel Vision”. Tunnel vision describes the idea of having no peripheral vision and only seeing in the center of your field of view. I interpreted this concept as it applies to mindset, representing a “one-track mind”, and how this can be combatted by looking at a situation from a new perspective and letting go of your reservations.

I perform primarily in two different settings, with the first being various subway cars. The subway train is symbolic of experiencing self-discovery and change in settings and situations that are very public. It was interesting to move in a space that was also moving and observe how that affected the choreographic choices within the piece. The movement of the train juxtaposed with the choreography I performed feels representative of the constant changes displayed in our environments. The second setting used is different subway platforms, which serve as transitional phases between change. These spaces elicit room for moments of reflection and growth that are necessary in self discovery. The sounds and people on the platforms continue to contribute to the fast-paced environment, even without the presence of the trains. The world keeps moving. You can choose to stay where you are or move with it.

The movement I perform in this piece is reckless and free, yet calculated and intentional. Motifs or trashing movements, grabbing and throwing, traveling through space, and circular motions are used throughout. It is expressive in a manner that feels defiant. To hold such a strong presence as a woman in a public space, especially that space being public transportation, feels so significant.

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Editorial Staff