Meet our 2021 staff involved in the making of Issue II.

Audience Engagement

Managing Editor, Audience Engagement: “Pand” Milo

Working on her bachelor’s in English with concentrations in Creative Writing and Literature & Media. Since Pand believes in the future of twotwoone, she has returned for a second semester to further work on the journal. She plays tabletop role-playing games and knits in her spare time. Pand plans to enter the publishing field after finishing her bachelor’s degree.

Social Media Manager - Gwendolyn Attridge

First semester senior pursuing a Digital Journalism major and minors in Photography and Fashion Studies. She is passionate about creating content and is not shy to admit to her social media addiction. She hopes to combine that love of scrolling with her passion for visuals and writing to help advance brands, businesses, and publications into the digital world after graduation.

Art Director - Anne-Tetchly Charles

New York Based multimedia creator, She is pursuing a Cinema Studies Major and double minor in Creative writing and fine art. She is passionate about black female representation in media and hopes to create content that reflects that.

Art Director - Abbie Steuhm

A short story horror writer with a passion for film and directing. They currently pursue a career in the field of Library and Information Sciences and like to experiment in filmmaking and animation in their free time. Having thrived in Brooklyn, NY, they now reside in the midwest where they continue to create monsters and convoluted science-fiction plots, as well as take care of their darling plants.

Outreach Manager - Ariana Contreras

Graduating senior majoring in Digital Journalism with a minor in Politics and Human Rights. As a creative and self proclaimed storyteller, she uses outlets like twotwoone to help produce multimedia content to engage and connect with people everywhere. If she’s not finding new story’s to share with the world, you can find her trying out new recipes in the kitchen or taking a run around the neighborhood.

Outreach Manager - Sydney Teter

Communications and Public Relations major with a minor in Digital Journalism is currently interning with The Business Journal, working and writing stories about local business News. Sydney hopes to pursue a career in Broadcast Journalist after graduating this May. Sydney is passionate about entertainment and connecting with others through creativity, social media and other media channels. She is very excited to be a part of the outreach team for twotwoone.


Managing Editor - Mary Durocher

Poet, fiction writer, amateur cultural critic. She's currently a junior studying English and World Literature and Digital Journalism. She enjoys coffee shops, bookstores, and going to the park.

Managing Editor - Jazelle Bustos

Prison reform activist double majoring in Digital Media and Video Production & Cinema Television and Emerging Media with a minor in Business. She is passionate about amplifying the voices of individuals who are constantly being subjected to silence through her creative endeavours.

Managing Editor- Hannah Corbett, Managing Editor

Senior studying Digital Journalism and Fashion Studies. She has high hopes of breaking into the world of entertainment broadcasting.  Hannah is enthusiastic about all works of writing and has a strong love for reading, playing guitar, piano, and teaching dance.

Nonfiction Editor - Heather Beattie

Graduating senior majoring in Cinema, Television, and Emerging Media. She previously interned at MSNBC where she helped produce stories for live broadcasts. She enjoys writing about TV, politics, and anything having to do with The Muppets, and hopes to find a career doing so.

Translation Editor- Lola Lemarquis

Graduating senior majoring in Digital Journalism and minoring in Photography. She loves to create visual art, and shoot candids, landscapes, and fashion photography. NYC based.

Performance Editor - Meg Masseron

An Arts & Culture writer double majoring in Digital Journalism and Theatre Arts. At Marymount, she has served as Features Editor for college newspaper, The Monitor. She enjoys writing about theatre, intersectional feminism, mental health, and personal experiences.

Multimedia Editor- Chloe Schneider

Graduating senior double majoring in Cinema, Television, and Emerging Media and Writing for the Stage. She has written for various humor publications including American Bystander’s online off-shoot, 251, and Weekly Humorist. She enjoys cooking while at home as she dreads the day she will no longer have an oven once she’s back in NYC.