Dear Lovely

By Sarya Dany

Dear Lovely,

Do you remember the time when we would wake up at the first peak of sunlight on summer days and go into the Garden picking out the lilies mum would plant? Mum would tell us that each lily we picked represented our love for one another and reminded us to never lose sight of our innocence. We didn’t understand it now but now that I am older I understand what she meant. To understand who we are, truly, we must remember who we are to the core, and knowing our core we must remember the journey we have walked. A journey that we continue to walk to be reminded of our capabilities.

Time is moving and with time we often forget our existence. We forget who we are and what we were made to do. Of course, you would agree with this thought, but as my faith has taught me, we are all made for a purpose and that purpose isn’t our careers, our titles, or our status quo, but who we are on the inside. We are loved and were created uniquely for something, therefore there is no point in comparing ourselves to one another because we are all perfect imperfections.

As for me dear sister it is sometimes hard to declare that and appreciate time. I have not acknowledged what time has given — not a villain to my day-to-day— but an advocate and keeper of memories. I look back and see the moments that have shaped me to become who I am. Do you remember the time when I first discovered my love for writing stories? I had no idea what I was doing or what to do but I just wrote and wrote to the point where Mum had to buy me a desk so my posture would not be stuck in a hunched position. I truly believe when I read those stories it sparks and reignites the younger and imaginative part of me that I probably did not realize I kept dormant. Oh, do you remember the time when I first started dancing and was so excited to audition for a new dance team not knowing what the outcome would be and how it completely changed the next eight years of my life? If I had not taken the risk and listened to my humble ambition to become a dancer, I do not think I would be the person I am today.

Today, those stories and testimonies have kept me to continue to live up to who I am. Each pathway has led to mistakes and flaws but also triumphs and a heart of hope and faith. Being in New York City at the moment would have never happened if I had not let my doubt and the fear of the unknown cloud my dreams and aspirations. Even Mum was a bit hesitant about me coming here, but because she saw my steadfast determination, she supported and encouraged me to go.

My dear little sister, how I wish you were here to also experience this life and the gift time gives us every day. How being in the present moment can shape who you are because truth be told we forget our core selves. I also go back to the past not to relive those days but to see how far I have come and to see that younger me live out my dreams and aspirations with more than she would have expected. Because of her — younger me — I never lose sight of our present day and how it truly is a gift. We come from a family, sister, where we do not take no for an answer and not in a selfish ambition but in a way to keep coming and never stop believing. Keep your faith and what is in store for you.

I love you dearly and I miss you every day Love,
Your sister.

Meet Sarya Dany

My name is Sarya Dany and I am a sophomore at The New School studying Strategic Design and Management under Parsons School of Design. I am originally from Miami, Fl but now a full time New Yorker in the Upper East Side. Few things about me, I was a dancer for eight years – I still dance but not as much as before – I love all things creative whether that is painting or sewing a new clothing piece. I am involved in community services especially with the church community – faith is a big part of who I am – and being a part of events such as back to school drives or toy drives. Lastly, I am a big kid at heart and love expressing my imagination with everyone from the youngest to the eldest in the room – a storyteller at heart.
Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff