By Victoria May

My mother was an artist. Memories flow from my childhood as I first discovered my mother's paintings from a sketch of a kitten from kindergarten to a recreation of Duran Duran’s Rio album cover in her final year of college. I was mesmerized by her ability as I never knew she had this talent as a child. Since then she abandoned her artistic passion to focus on a career and motherhood, leaving the artistic world behind. My passion for art resurfaced once I gained an interest in painting and art history. I was drawn to painting due to its therapeutic value, where the ability to express creativity, stresses, and desires is accessible through holding a paintbrush at my fingertips. Painting keeps me at peace and assists me in improving my concentration skills while having the opportunity to share this interest with my mother. This painting was done in an art class I took with my mom where we both created the same piece. This is my perspective of an assembly of blossomed trees in the sun.

Meet Victoria May

Victoria May is a senior English Literature and Media major with a minor in Art History. Her passions include women in medieval history, spirituality, and the arts.
Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff